Parenting Special Children

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About Us

Parenting Special Children is a locally-focused Parents training and information center dedicated to offering parenting support to parents/carers of children and individuals with Special Needs

Parenting special children provides a number of training opportunities , information, webinars and workshops for parents of children with intellectual disabilities

The Resource directory offers a wide range of potential services available from PSC and a selection of helpful links for national sources of potential help  for families and children with special needs.

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The Parent training and Information Center, where we help parents navigate systems, share their parenting experiences and Connect to available Resources.

Join the KCCA Inclusive Education Service Center, Ithemba communities, Dorna Center Home for Autism, and many others as they share their  services and support

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Join other Parents as they share life experiences , encourage, inform and inspire others  with their stories.

Be encouraged that you are not alone in this journey; we are here to provide support and guidance along the way!


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