Parenting Special Children is a locally-focused parenting support resource dedicated to offering parenting support to parents/carers of children and individuals with Special Needs, to enable them access information, learn from other parents, be encouraged and empowered as they navigate their unique parenting challenges while fostering positive changes along the journey.

PSC is passionate about building a supportive special needs parenting community that creates a safe space for parents to share their unique experiences, inform, encourage and inspire others along the special parenting journey.

We get that

Everyone’s parenting journey is unique, every child is different, and every family faces unique challenges. We are here to help support and bridge the gaps with information and practical tips.

We bring to you, trusted experts and professionals in different fields, as well as parents who share their practical tips, life lessons, challenges, and the joys they have experienced along the way.

Be encouraged that you are not alone in this journey; we are here to provide support and guidance along the way!

The journey becomes more enjoyable when you have a shoulder to step on. And at PSC we are more than willing to offer you our shoulders in the form of; listening ears, pray with you, laugh with you, expert advice and wisdom shared by parents who have navigated these waters before!

We provide a positive voice for parenthood by connecting families to resources and parenting perspectives unique to the special needs community; and by creating meaningful partnerships between service providers and local audiences.

And most importantly we are here to give you faith in your own voice and abilities, and to let you know that a friend is listening.

Meet the Founder

Ms. Faith E. Oyella

Parenting Special Children was founded in 2021 by Faith E Oyella, the Managing Director of the company, to bridge an unmet need that she had experienced, after giving birth to her twin sons with Down’s syndrome six years ago.

She quickly realized that in Uganda there was an enormous lack of support for special needs families at diagnosis and no specialist parenting intervention that families could access which would help them learn more about the diagnosis that their child had received and to access proper guidance in dealing with the uncertainties that lies ahead.

For the past six years, Faith’s attempt to support mainly mothers of special needs children has been on a one on one basis. Having navigated the path herself, she came to understand that in this journey there was only one option; to accept your fate, become more proactive in bringing the change you wish for in your child and trust God to do the rest.

From diagnosis, early intervention, support services, where to go for help and guidance, who to talk to, etc, are all wishful lists that families of special needs children battle with upon receiving diagnosis for their child.

PSC formation is a response to the overwhelming information and knowledge gap regarding parenting special needs children and a ray of hope for many more families receiving children with special needs in Uganda.


Join Us

Parenting Special Children has a growing team, and volunteers who bring a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise to the community.