What We Do

Our projects
Parenting special children provides a number of training opportunities , information, webinars and workshops for parents of children with intellectual disabilities

Resources and Resource Directory

The Resource directory offers a wide range of potential  services available from PSC and a selection of helpful links for local and national sources of potential help and support for families and children with special needs.


We also offer in-service teacher training programs in form of workshops and Seminars for Schools and kindergartens in a range of topics on special needs, IEP development, Adaptation, accommodation and Modification.

Support Groups

The parent meet ups allow parents to be vulnerable; pour out their emotional concerns, Pray for each other, encourage each other, parents also get informed and advised on matters unique to them, while they bond with one another.


The trainings give parents the opportunity to interact with professionals ranging from Child development experts, therapists (Behavioral, Occupational, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language, Special education teachers, etc).

Parents get to meet with other parents facing some of the same challenges and also learn from parents who have navigated the waters before them.

Want to make a difference?

Support us raise start up capital for single mothers to start up income generating activities